Download our Needle Size Chart

Download a PDF of our simple knitting needle (and crochet hook) size chart.

Laila Simon

10/2/20231 min read

Not all knitting needles are created equal. There are different materials (metal, wood, plastic) different styles (double pointed, straight, circular), and different sizes! And sometimes they are not labeled or the labels have worn off due to age. Or maybe they only have the metric size! That's where this chart comes in handy. Jump easily from US numbered sizes to the more universal metric sizes, and even crochet hooks for comparison.

Use this chart to help with figuring out the correct size needles. Click the image below to download the chart for your own use!

knitting needle size chartknitting needle size chart
knitting needle size FAQsknitting needle size FAQs

We hope you enjoy using this chart!

- Kate & Laila