Kickstarter Campaign 2023-2024

Thank you to everyone who helped us meet our funding goal. Our next step will be to purchase a laser cutting machine and find a good home for it. Then testing our designs on the new software will commence!

We hope to send our needle gauge tools out as soon as we can in 2024. We are also looking forward to connecting with wholesale outlets. So please contact us if you are interested.

We are fully funded!

The Story

After spending about six months making prototypes, we finally feel ready to release our tools into the world! We’ve been so lucky to be able to utilize the Innovation Lab at the Saint Paul Public Library here in Minnesota, where they have a laser engraving machine that the public can use for free. It has been an incredible opportunity to learn these valuable skills and have a risk free environment to test our designs. We are so grateful for this access but the limitations have made it hard to produce our products on a higher scale. Now, we want to be able to purchase our own machine to have in-house and be able to work more efficiently to produce our tools.

Our two tools are Arnie - an American toad, and Ami - an Amanita mushroom. They are made from sturdy birchwood and each one has been treated for longevity by us. Arnie is purely a needle and hook gauge and can be used to measure knitting needles, as well as crochet hook sizes. These tools are especially useful if you have unlabeled needles or hooks or the labels or measurements have worn off.

The needle gauge tool can also help convert from US numbered sizes, to metric millimeters. Ami has all of that capability as well as having a project gauge measuring window. You can hold the 2 inch window up to your knitted work and measure how many stitches you have per inch. We wanted to make them just the right size to have a wide variety of sizes and also be able to fit into your project or notions bag.